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 2 Moons Final Examination

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PostSubject: 2 Moons Final Examination   2 Moons Final Examination Icon_minitimeTue Jul 31, 2007 9:12 am

This will be the last game-quality related post of 2 moons on the news board. I was able to play for a total of 2 minutes before getting disconnected. From what I see, the graphics are better than Last Chaos when set on full, and the battling is great. The character actually moves when you fight, which helps you immerse yourself in the game much more than LC. 2 Moons is also much more evenly balanced, and the only way a person can easily defeat you is if they have attained a much higher level than you. No more getting killed just for having a 4-level-difference in the quality of your gloves with your enemy. The sound is basically the same as LC and the characters are basically the same as well. Overall, I believe this game is better than Last Chaos and has a very promising outlook. As it is, though, it is very much a beta and it shows with the lag and the overall quality of the movements. These problems will most certainly be fixed with patches later on.

As for which I agree with, Memy or SisterKo, I agree more with Memy. I have a crap computer and the game runs almost decently. Just SLIGHTLY worse than Last Chaos as it is, and it's only been released for 2 days. Furthermore, you do not have to doubleclick to move or attack, as some complaints had said. I am happy with this game and excited to become a master of it with the team.

All the rest of my 2 Moon related posts will be posted in the 2 Moons forum.


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2 Moons Final Examination
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