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 Clarification on Status 8/07/07 o.o

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Clarification on Status 8/07/07 o.o Empty
PostSubject: Clarification on Status 8/07/07 o.o   Clarification on Status 8/07/07 o.o Icon_minitimeWed Aug 08, 2007 8:59 am

Memy - Only plays 2 moons, lvl 47
Ren - Only plays Last Chaos
SisterKo - Only plays last Chaos
Ellor - Only plays 2 Moons lvl 20-something o.o
Nyu - Only plays Last Chaos
Swibby - Only plays 2 Moons lvl 26
Grunts - Only play Last Chaos

I think that some people really don't care much about the guild o.o To be honest, I moved to 2Moons because the guild and the one guild master I know moved there, THEN I found I liked it and stayed. I would think that all other loyals would do the same =/ My opinion of most of our members is rapidly diminishing. Most of them don't even know this fucking site!!! Doesn't matter. I'm sure we can make a guild. I have some pretty cool friends in 2Moons I'd like to try inviting to the guild someday when Memy makes it. We can be kickass in whatever game we play. I just have a life >.< Damn life. That's why I level slowly. But it don't matter.

The race between Ellor and I is over! Memy is guild leader again!!! W00T!!!


Clarification on Status 8/07/07 o.o Banner_left
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Clarification on Status 8/07/07 o.o
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