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 My computer in process

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PostSubject: My computer in process   My computer in process Icon_minitimeTue Sep 18, 2007 8:16 pm

Hello, everybody. I plan to build the best computer possible as I work and get money. Now I have a problem. I found my dream motherboard and a grea graphics card. However, this graphics card doesn't look at all like it can fit the motherboard. Actually, it looks like NONE of the graphics cards can fit the motherboard and have the slots facing out the back of the compy unless I turn it upside down, which probably won't work, because that will have the fan blowing on the other expansion slots, which will be filled with other random chips. It will restrict the airflow. Soooo....anyone who knows how to build computers already....can someone tell me if this will work? First is a picture of the motherboard, then a picture of the graphics card. The blue slots on the motherboard are where the card goes. I believe that the graphics card is set up to plug into the left side of a computer (when facing the front), but that's the side my case will open up on! =0 Please help!

My computer in process 13-131-074-11
My computer in process 14-121-034-03

See what I mean? Envision plugging that into the right side of your computer, where the motherboard will be installed. Wouldn't I have to install it upside down? Or is that the way it's SUPPOSED to be?

I wouldn't be asking such a horrible question, but this combination of these two things will cost me over 500 bucks, so I NEED to be sure how everything works before I buy it, even if I look a bit stupid at first! =000


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My computer in process
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